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Oct. 20th, 2009

04:14 pm

Good day, all! Seeing as I haven't updated this thing in a ridiculously long time and I have nothing better to do, I decided I could spare a few sentences.
I like college. :D
The people here are, for the most part, really cool, and my classes are, for the most part, really fun. All in all, I'm enjoying myself.
I have been listening to a ridiculous amount of of Montreal. I've loved them for a long time, but I now officially have all their stuff, and I can't get enough. Additionally, I got a bunch of fun, indie-ish/rock-ish/electronic-ish music from my friend, and it is similarly awesome. It seems since coming to college, I've become a bit of an indie kid, but not one of the obnoxious, "look at me, I'm so different and consequently better than you!" ones. Strange how these things happen.
Similarly, I've also become a "Kathryn", again. I introduced myself as such so as not to seem like one of those odd people who designates their own nickname, and it seems to have stuck. It wasn't odd, except Diana calls me "Kathryn" which is odd, and as Paige can attest to, others who are accustomed to calling me "Schroeder" might find themselves calling me "Kathryn." That was a bit odd, but oh well. I answer to either. Or, you know, everything but "Kathy."
Off campus, I find myself at my brother's apartment a lot. This may or may not be because it is ridiculously fun. I absolutely adore his roommates; they are fantastic people. One of 'em is the person I got all my great new music from. Yay! I often have many stories about them, but I'll spare you, dear livejournal, because I don't feel like typing much today.
I will say, however, that the three of them are trying, and succeeding, in getting me to watch Doctor Who. Thus far, I've only seen a couple episodes, but I like it's campy goodness.
So, yeah. I think that's all I've got for today. Perhaps I'll update again sometime before the year's over.

Jul. 3rd, 2009

12:25 am

I am absolutely loving Summer Stage. The people are so amusing and so much fun, and I think the show's going to be fantastic. It's so funny; it is difficult to keep a straight face while on stage, but that's a good thing at this point. Tickets need to be ordered soon, so let me know if you want to come! The more the merrier; you all should come see me. :D And by "me," I mean "all the awesome people in the show."

Today, I had rehearsal, shock and awe, and now I have a story. I assure you that the awkwardness featured here is not commonplace, and thus far has only been really seen in this situation.

So, today the only people at rehearsal were the staff, the leads, the dancers, and a techie. We stopped rehearsal a half hour early to have a little 4th of July celebration, with lots of yummy food. During said celebration, I went to talk to Sarah (super nice; dancer), Garabed (boy dancer), and the techie. Then, the following happened:

Me: [to techie] Hi, I'm Kathryn. I don't believe we've met.
Techie: Hi, I'm Travis; yeah, we haven't been formally introduced.
Garabed: You know--
Sarah: Garabed, no.
Garabed: Why? I was--
Sarah: No.
[Sarah and Garabed- eye communication. G stops talking]
Sarah: I love how you understood what I meant! [goes over to G]
[Travis and I exchange confused looks]
Me: I have no idea what that's about.
Travis: Me, neither.
[Sarah moves away from Garabed. Short, non-awkward pause]
Garabed: I was just thinking. You two would have the prettiest babies.
[Sarah facepalms. Travis and I are stunned. Short awkward silence.]
Me: Uh...thanks, I guess?
Travis: ...um...thank you?

Who says that to someone? Never mind saying something like that to two people who had just met.
And if that's not enough, Garabed is now determined to set us up. I ended up walking out with Sarah, and Garabed tagged along:

Garabed: You could be the Bella to his Edward.
Me: I hate Twilight.
Sarah: Yes!
Garabed: Okay, Juliet to his Romeo.
Me: I don't want to kill myself.
Sarah: [to Garabed] You could wait at least four days after they've met.

Garabed continued to attempt to make comparisons, all of which failed. I don't understand, and I don't know what to do. I don't even know Garabed very well. Is creepy a good word for this? I think it is.

Jun. 19th, 2009

02:08 am - I don't know how to tell you, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom.

Now, read my update of goings on.

I am officially done with my job. I'm so happy! People were visibly sad, and my boss cried, which would have made me feel bad if I wasn't so ready to get out of there. That and if I had any emotions, I suppose. They got me a cake! And Jared sang a song when they brought the cake up. It's times like those that I wish I had a video camera on me at all times. I had to promise a bunch of people that I would visit all the time. And I had to laugh, Peter, a manager and next in line to own the place implored me, "Take me with you! Wherever you're going, take me with you!"

Orientation was amazing. Diana did a good job summarizing, so go read her summary. My experience differed a bit, as I was in a different group because COM is awesome (and math is optional) but nothing worth specifying. I expected her to elaborate on Andrew McFarland more, but I'm not upset that she didn't. That would probably have gone to strange and frightening places. I also must mention the bugs on the beds. I don't think they were actually bedbugs, but it was still insects in my sleeping area. That was not awesome.

I have spent several days doing nothing. It's been such a long time since I've been able to do that, and I love every minute of it.

I saw a free advanced screening of (500) Days of Summer. Everyone must go watch that movie when it's released to limited theaters. It's so good. I hadn't heard of it, and the trailer looked interesting, so I went, but the movie surpassed expectations. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a good actor. And, although it honestly didn't affect my perception of the movie, he's really cute. There was mention of a band, Spearmint. I looked them up, and I really like them, but it's apparently impossible to download any of their stuff, which is a shame. It's one of those fun, nonlinear stories, and there's a random dance sequence and a shot of, I kid you not, Han Solo. It's a lovely little indie flick that you all need to see.

Watch the trailer. That's not a suggestion; that's a requirement.

While in the theater before the movie, they were playing really bad music. One of the songs was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks. I wanted to cry. The movie more than made up for it, though. That's saying a lot.

I'm really looking forward to Summerstage. I miss dance so much. The shows are 7/24 (7pm), 7/25 (7pm), 7/26 (2pm), 7/31 (7pm) and 8/1 (7pm). You all should come see me.

And last but not least, I miss everyone! I haven't seen anyone, aside from Diana at Orientation, in so long! This needs to be fixed. Right now. Let's do stuff this summer!

Apr. 13th, 2009

10:18 pm - Paul Rudd

I Love You, Man is awesome, it must be said. Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are hysterical. Additionally, Paul Rudd is more adorable than I can stand, and I really have no problem with that.

There is slightly more of a point to this post than to say how cute Paul Rudd is, however. My brother and his friends all have a sort of low-grade obsession with Paul Rudd. AKA, they will see anything that has any bit of him in it, [see: Monsters VS Aliens] I might start to do this as well, and they think he is one of the coolest people ever. Side note: They hold a similar view of Robert Downey, Jr. They've got good taste. XD This group of people also happen to own/run a movie-related website, Fake-Reel. On this site, I happened to come across a post that greatly amused me. I'll just re-post it here:

"Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven is getting married but realizes he dosen’t have any male friends. So in the time between his engagement and wedding he must find someone to be his best man. He does appear to have a brother but if Andy Sanberg was my brother I wouldn’t ask him either. Rudd eventually finds Jason Segel and they become friends."

The important thing is all of the links found in that short plot summary bit. (There's more to the post, but this is the important part.) Did you click? Yeah, they all lead to a picture of Paul Rudd. This picture of Paul Rudd for those who don't feel like clicking.

I'm amused. Also, Reno 911! is on. XD

Apr. 1st, 2009

11:48 pm - Fragments

I want to write a screenplay. I don't know what about, yet, but it's going to happen. (Thank you, again, my darling. XD)

Life has been getting stupidly stressful and out of hand. And by "has been getting" I mean "is way past." We need to not let this happen. Or at least to ignore it for a while. Let's make a movie. It'll be fun. What on earth is up with these stupid, little, fragmented sentences?

Everyone knows, but I got into Boston University. I don't know for sure where I'm going yet, but it's nice to have the options. No word from NYU, yet. I don't think I got in, but I'm alright with that.

My room is a mess.

I want to watch a good movie. Like, an excellent movie. Possibly an arty movie. Maybe Brideshead Revisited, because it's nearly obscure, it's British, and it has a brunette and lovely Matthew Goode in it.

My brother is yelling at his friends over XBox live. I like my brother, but he is an incredibly loud individual. Knocking on the wall has become a sign that I want him to turn down the volume, so to speak. Then someone dies in the game or a virtual high stress situation kicks in, and he forgets that it's after midnight and I have school in the morning.

I need to stop losing the assignment papers for English seminar papers so that I don't have to keep asking for copies the day before they're due.

Anyone have a suggestion for a really good book to read?

I feel like doing something awesome and artistic, but the result is generally doesn't end up the way it was in my head. I wish that didn't happen.

I got my license. Finally. Better late than never, I suppose.

I should preregister. I really should. Why haven't I, yet? I also am pretty excited to start my Sally Jupiter costume. I'm always really modest by way of dress; I've accepted wearing a somewhat skanky outfit for once. XD It should be fun to make, too. I just need help with a wig; I'm not familiar with such things.

So, how's everyone doing? There seems like there's no time to talk anymore; that's really sad.

Mar. 23rd, 2009

07:46 pm

I could have sworn Emerson didn't send out decisions until April. I can't be too mad, though. I've officially gotten into college. ^_^ I wonder if I'll get in anywhere else.

Random, completely unrelated story. Know how I have that dresser thing near my closet that's like 4-5 feet tall? I went over to get something from my closet, and when I shut the door, there were little paw prints about 6 feet from the bottom. Presumably, they were reaching up on their hind legs, but I've got no clue as to what they were going for. XD I was amused.

Mar. 12th, 2009

10:02 pm - Appropriate Icon is Appropriate

I had to take a personality test for psych, and I was entertained by the last question:

What that has to do with personality, I don't know. I do know who he is, but I was really tempted to select "writer."

Current Location: Mars
Current Mood: coldcold

Mar. 9th, 2009

12:50 am

Yeah, I just did my "Who Am I" project (I've not done the explanation-y bit, but who's counting that?) But, yeah, I think that mine has not been done before. I'm not dorky at all, of course. I only used a d20 as inspiration. It's surprisingly difficult to think of 20 things about oneself...

Mar. 2nd, 2009

11:57 pm - Not Silk Spectre!

You Scored as Night Owl II

YOU ARE THE NIGHT OWL II Having taken the moniker of his predicessor, Holis, the original Night Owl, the new one focuses on use of his technology and Airship Archie to battle crime.

Night Owl II
Doctor Manhattan
The Commedian
Silk Spectre
Night Owl

Feb. 26th, 2009

11:47 am

I'm reading Things Fall Apart right now. I do not like this book. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't both poorly written and uninteresting. All I'm asking for is one of the above! Honestly, "reading" might not be the best word. "Skimming for mention of Okonkwo" is probably more appropriate. I found a place that should have had a comma but didn't, and it almost made me cry. I thought that's the kind of stuff editors take care of. A somewhat positive aspect of the book, however, is the fact that it keeps mentioning "evil forests" which keeps making me think of Evil Dead. That is not so bad. XD
Side note: Apparently, "Okonkwo" is spelled incorrectly. It should actually be "Gangway" or "Eggnog." Or "Eggnog's." In what scenario would one use "eggnog's." I was unaware that eggnog often possesses things.

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